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RE: [Spoon-business] RE: RE: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Aes Sedai

>>>>Since the difference between laws and rules is solely in who makes them
>>>>what the penalties are for breaking them, I think we can get away with
>>>>I propose:
>>>>For the purposes of B Nomic, those rules collectively known as the
>>>>States Code are repealed.
>>>-Code of what? And can we kill the Patriot Act while we're at it?-
>>The US Code is a single document of incredible length that contains all of
>>our law (except for the constitution and the equally-important
>>precedent-setting court cases). Various pieces of legislation amend it. It
>>is, in essence, the ruleset of the United States. By repealing the US
>>we lose *all* of American law, including both copyrights and the Patriot
>-Ah... I was wondering how education (Title 9), bankruptcy (11), and
copyright (17) were all being clumped... well, why stop at ignoring US
>law? Why not declare B Nomic a sovereign nation? Or would the Marines come
in, take Dave prisoner, and set up a democracy if we did that?-

Only if they thought they could convince somebody that we had weapons of
mass destruction.

 -- Teucer

"You should definitely use objective, rational means to arrive at a
considered opinion.  I recommend flipping a coin."
 -Mark Shoulson

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