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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 45 BALLOT

On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 09:52  PM, David E. Smith wrote:

The following measures are on the ballot for nweek 45:

Proposal 1578/0: Cleaning up (Baron von Skippy)

Abstain to both. You know, almost everything in part one is contained in my prop...

Proposal 1579/0: Lock and Load (Glotmorf)

No. Make a subgame if you want legalistic havoc.

Proposal 1580/0: Subgame Rules (SkArcher)

No. And I change my philosophy to Selective Lobbyist and vote No again. Because I think there are much, much better ways to do this, and I think the ruleset is going to become unmanageable if this passes. (What happens if two subgames suddenly get some tiny connection to each other? All it would take is one miniscule bit of influence, and suddenly the entirety of one rules has to be stuck in another. Blech.)

Proposal 1581/0: Make your mind up first! (SkArcher)


Proposal 1582/0: Edge Squares (Wonko)

Yes. The bad section doesn't matter now, because __Connectivity__ did pass.

Proposal 1584/1: And I Feel Fine (Wonko)


Proposal 1585/0: For Valour (SkArcher)


Proposal 1587/0: In Case of Magazine Article, Break Glass (Baron von Skippy)

No. No again, in fact, 'cause of the selective lobbyist thing.

'Race' ain't there no more, so people can't declare it. I think if this passes, newbies won't be able to join. I also don't like the fact that if the Mentor pool runs dry, nobody new can join.

Proposal 1588/0: You'd be surprised (Wonko)


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