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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Grid II Prop

On 7/10/03 at 11:04 PM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>Okay, Players cannot be destroyed or removed from the game in any way
>other than voluntary or forced forfeit, and then only if the rule
>describing the effect explicitly says so.
>But that above sentence would appear in a rule; and it explicitly
>states that players *can* be removed from the game by forced forfeit.
>One could perhaps make the case that this isn't enough to validate the
>action over the Default case, but I think that would be a hard argument
>to back up, especially since you also want to add "Players may perform
>any action allowed by the rules, provided they meet all requirements to
>perform that action".
>So, your rule explicitly gives me the power to force you to forfeit. is there some nice, neat way of preventing rules in general from applying to themselves?  Or some tag word that can be cited on a rule-by-rule basis?


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