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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Grid II Prop

I was kind of hoping to avoid using players as their own pieces in games. It leads to uncertainty and odd things happening. Remember the Improbable having the ability to destroy anything that was 'not required by the ruleset to exist'? - which technically included players?

-So be very, very careful. Although perhaps it would behoove us to protect players in some other way... you know, I think there's something this ruleset needs. Just a minute while I fire up the Proposo-Matic-O-Tron-De-Luxx (Mark 3)...-

"Be very, very careful," you say. And then you propose this:

Players cannot be destroyed or removed from the game in any way other than voluntary or forced forfeit, and then only if the rule describing the effect explicitly says so.

Well, that would be in a rule; the rule would be describing the effect, namely, forced forfeit; and the rule explicitly says that players can be removed by voluntary or forced forfeit; so, if this passes, I can pull a Scoff! and become the sole shareholder.

Careful, indeed.

-And yet I still don't know what in blazes you've done. Run that by me again.-


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