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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Grid II Prop

10/07/2003 06:22:36, "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On 7/10/03 at 1:01 AM Daniel Lepage wrote:
>>There exist objects called Locations. A Location is an object that can
>>contain other objects. It represents a physical place in some space.
>Ah me, he's gone and proposed Shards...
>May I suggest something relatively simpler?  How about, each player can have a Location, can 
declare what can be done in/with that location, can create objects that only have existence in that 
location, can associate the Location with a Society, etc. all deferring to the rest of the ruleset.  
So if I want to invent a Go board and you want to invent a chess board and bd wants to invent a 
CandyLand board we can do so to our hearts' content.
>						Glotmorf

I was kind of hoping to avoid using players as their own pieces in games. It leads to uncertainty 
and odd things happening. Remember the Improbable having the ability to destroy anything that was 
'not required by the ruleset to exist'? - which technically included players?


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