Craig on 8 Jul 2003 16:38:01 -0000

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RE: [spoon-discuss] Whoa

>> >Hey, my Spoon-Discuss folder just hit exactly 1001 messages!
>> >
>> >Of course, now that I've said it, it isn't true.
>> >
>> >Damn.
>> I keep my spoon-discuss and spoon-business in one folder, which currently
>> has almost 1400 messages.

>Bah, thats nothing. 2177 spoon-business, 4792 spoon-discuss

Well, duh. I haven't been playing nearly as long as you have. And I've
already got 1413.

>Is there life before breakfast?


 -- Teucer

"I would be enlightened, but it's cloudy today."

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