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Re: [spoon-discuss] Games Magazine

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 12:35  AM, Glotmorf wrote:

On 7/7/03 at 11:17 PM Joel Uckelman wrote:

Thus spake "Glotmorf":

I can probably fix that with one simple letter to the editor...Do we

Anyone who wants to find you guys can type "B Nomic" into Google and the
will be the first link. You probably don't want dozens of players all
to join at the same time, either.

Especially with Dave about to quit...?  Hm.

Suppose we *did* get a zillion wannabes. What if we went the subgame route and stuffed bunches of people into societies with veteran players? Each society would acknowledge the main game's rules, plus whatever the society came up with, and the societies could collectively change the main game's rules. Sort of an intra-internomic...

I was once involved in a face-to-face game where the players were organized sort of like that. Each player had to be a member of a 'bip'; proposals, voting, winning etc. were all things that only bips could do, not individual players. Then the bips all had their own secret charters that only the members of the bip and the central administrator knew; these were binding on bip members (although they could petition the admin to force charter changes if the charter was overly unpleasant).

It didn't really work, though; we only had maybe 10 players, and almost never had more than five or six show up at any given meeting, so it basically turned into a one person per player game.


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