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Re: [spoon-discuss] Games Magazine

On 7/7/03 at 2:41 PM Joel Uckelman wrote:

>Thus spake "Glotmorf":
>> Hey guys...we made Games Magazine!  The September 2003 issue features an=
>>  article on self-modifying games ("Meta-Gaming 101"), and B Nomic got
>>  paragraphs on page 8.  No player names were mentioned, but, hey, we
>>  who we are...
>> Guess that's another reason to keep the game going...We're a legacy now!
>> 						Glotmorf
>They publish their September issue in July? Is Games Magazine quarterly?
>It's a good thing that there are fewer readers of Games Magazine than
>there are of /., otherwise my poor server would melt from the attention.

Games Magazine is a monthly.  As I understand it, the date on a magazine is that issue's pull date.  So if all issues aren't sold by September, the remainder get pulled.

Far as I know, there's still plenty enough readers of Games Magazine...but the silly kniggets didn't put any URLs in the article.

I can probably fix that with one simple letter to the editor...Do we want that?


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