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Re: [spoon-discuss] Damage Control against quarksbar9?

I just noticed that "quarksbar9", the person who started the whole "breaking
Nomics" mess, ended eir missive as follows:

This whole mess is pretty damn unethical if you ask me and I'll be
alerting every Nomic they listed in this thread.  Plus I will never
join B Nomic as long as these bunch of jerks rule the roost.

Since the thread in question included a list of active Nomics, *every single
Nomic player* has probably now been given a distinctly unfavorable
impression of both B Nomic and the Nomic Market. Any ideas on how to clean
that up?

-We don't, really. Nomicron is in no position to keep up attacks against us, not with their current isolationist policies. And I doubt that anyone will really be worried about us. Anyone who is, though, we just inform of what happened here to put their minds at ease and point to the cooperation between B and Thermo as proof.-


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