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[spoon-discuss] KNOCK IT OFF.

Since everyone and their cousin Richard is apparently monitoring the B
Nomic list archives, but many of them don't have any real context about
things B Nomic, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Dave. Hi.

I'm B Nomic's "Administrator." All-around bookkeeper, rules munchkin,
bureaucrat. Notably, I'm not an active player in this, or any other,

I do not have Imperial Nomic style power in B Nomic. (When the game first
started, a year and a half ago, I did try to get that put in the rules; it
failed miserably.)

Even if I did have that style of power, I wouldn't use it. It's wholly
unfair to, well, everyone except me. If I want to build up a God complex,
I'll go to work and develop some software. Programming really is a neat
way to have a God complex. The computer is its own little universe, in
which the programmer can control literally everything.

Nomics in general are not nearly so neat and self-contained. For a nomic
to be anything more than solipsism, you have to have several players.
There will, of course, be differences of opinion.

If we're expanding this perspective, different nomics -- Agora, Nomicron,
Thermodynomic, B Nomic, whatever -- will again have different
perspectives. Keeps things interesting, to a certain degree.

There may be some nomic out there where my counterpart has Godlike power
over the game. B Nomic ain't it.

So, to the party (who shall at this time remain safely anonymous, on the
grounds that e doesn't need to look like an even bigger jackass) who sent
me an angry email demanding I remove certain players from B Nomic, "or
else" -- KNOCK IT OFF. I can't, and I wouldn't even if I could.

And to everyone in B Nomic who may or may not be causing trouble in other
nomics -- KNOCK IT OFF. If I want to be yelled at by people I don't know,
well, I can get that at work too.

Have a nice day.


David Smith  dave@[technopagan.org|bureau42.com|whatisay.com|mvn.net]
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