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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: State of the Nomic (Nomicron)

yes, Orc.  I respect B Nomic's reaction to the matter.
 For the most part it was refined and appropriate.

I'm retracting my request to play in B Nomic because
your rules are pretty complex and i'm new to Nomics...
 and because I never want to play another game with
BvS ever again.

Wonko knows why.

Happy playing all!


--- Orc In A Spacesuit <orcinaspacesuit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> >From: "Craig" <ragnarok@xxxxxxxxx>
> >I told you the Nomic world might need damage
> control against this
> >'quarksbar9' fellow. Are e and 'deltanine' (both
> ending with 9) connected 
> >in any way, or is it a coincidince?
> I think all we can do is try to show quarksbar9 the
> truth of the matter 
> (which I think we have on these board), and hope
> that he takes the 
> initative.  Anything that we personally do would
> just look like trying to 
> cover ourselves.
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