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RE: [Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] Be careful what you wish for

>> >>Just got this on the thermo list. Perhaps we should speculate less
>> >> freely? The goal isn't to subjugate other nomics. At least, not as far
>> >> as I know.
>> >
>> >I just sent a message to Thermo on the topic.  Hopefully the destructive
>> >tendencies of two players won't spoil things for the rest of us.
>> -Orc? Do. Not. Place. Blame. The "destructive tendencies of two players"
>> assume to mean bd and I talking about... "mutually beneficial
>> It's called a joke, Orc. You didn't complain at the time. If Thermo is
>> going to be scared off by that, they're a skittish bunch. On that note,
>> though, I suggest everyone make sure they're still subscribed to
>> bnomic-private. Perhaps some messages should go through a controlled
>> I don't imagine we'll complain if Thermo creates a secret group list.
>> have to have their secrets, especially if they don't trust each other.-

>In the interests of openness, trust, etc etc, I'd like to point out that
>archives for said list are at:

I am assuming I speak for all of Thermo (I'm CCing it to them in case they
wish to contradict me, tho) when I say that although the original e-mail was
worrisome, we understand that B Nomic harbors no ill will toward us or
anyone else, and we welcome you as a future trading partner.

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