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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Sunday night)

From: "David E. Smith" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Grid and other random stuff:

BvS's big Grid stuff:
The Crazy Squid is dead, long live Crazy Squid II. Barney is removed from the Grid for a while. Yay. The IID is fired up (uhoh) and BvS, though surviving the trip, becomes a remarkably cute penguin (which is identical to being a Toad in all but name).

Doh!  I should done this.  I'll try to be more attentive in the future.

BvS' attempt to purchase whichever Grid square it was e tried to purchase fails: The price is 500, not 300, BNS, and is payable to me, not the Bank.

Assuming that BvS has 500 BNS, he does succeed in buying, just goes about his task as the Banker all wrong.

BvS drinks 4 beers (which, ironically, I don't think have a BAC penalty
associated with them)

From Rule 301.B.7.:
Whenever a player drinks an alcoholic beverage, eir BAC increases by 1.

We'll say that this doesn't conflict with the more specific BAC increasers listed elsewhere, and instead adds to them.

I propose:
{{__Ahm Not Thayt Thunk!__
Repeal the first line of Rule 301.B.7

I choose not to recognize anyone's actions related to alleged charter

Sounds peachy to me. Though, in either case, the Societies rule could use a bit more patching. Therefore, I change my proposal __Societies get charters__ to the following:
{{In rule 578:

To Section VII., add the following:
{{Upon creation of a society, it has a charter. If the creator of the society declares a charter upon creation of the society, it has that charter; otherwise, the charter is empty.

A charter is text string which dictates the manner in which its society takes actions.}}

In Section II., change "Modifying its charter" to "Modifying the text of its charter."
[[End proposal]]

I believe the current SOE Threshold is 6 players. Just so you know.

I think we can get by this without an SOE.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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