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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Fwd: [Thermo] "Breaking Nomics"

From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mr. in a Spacesuit had a number of options available to him:

I should have said something about the possibility that Glotmorf and BvS were kidding around. I reread my email, and I really did paint them as "bad guys"; I was more trying to say "I know Players A, B, and C are against this, D, E, and F haven't commented, and I really don't know about G and H. Ask them what their intentions were."

I would have said "We were just fooling around", or "We were just talking, not seriously", or "We aren't planning that anymore." But I do not represent the who playerbase, and I don't know everyone's intentions. My email wasn't meant to seal things, just cover the parts that I knew, and let you guys state your own case. I never once said "Glotmorf is a bad guy", though I see now it comes off that way. I didn't make myself clear, and I'm sorry.

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