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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Fwd: [Thermo] "Breaking Nomics"

On 4/27/03 at 2:18 PM Rob Speer wrote:

>On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 04:14:57AM -0400, Glotmorf wrote:
>> For going out of eir way to publicly air eir version of our dirty
>laundry rather an exhibit any semblance of solidarity, I disrespect Orc in
>a Spacesuit.
>Did you read the message right? Orc didn't post that. The members of
>Thermo found the message on their own.

Did you read the header right?  I forwarded to this list a message Mr. in a Spacesuit by god DID post to Thermodynamic's list, and added my disrespect prop to it.

Let me tell you a story.

A couple years ago I was a coach for an Odyssey of the Mind team that included my son.  An OM team is a group of kids who are competing with other teams to produce a creative solution to a problem; these solutions are presented and judged at a competition site.

Geniuses being what they are, each kid tended to march somewhat to a different drummer.  However, it seemed to them that one of them was marching a bit more differently than the rest of them.  Consequently, despite that one kid's participation in the crafting of the solution, and his excellent performance at the competition itself, when the judges asked them how well they worked together as a team, the answer of the team leader was, "Great...except for one of us."

And they all turned and looked at that kid.

The judges marked them down heavily for teamwork.

I had to explain this to the team that formed next year.  Teamwork isn't just working well together.  It's also a demonstration of solidarity.  Even if a team has internal strife, it can nevertheless work well enough together to put forth a united front of teamwork, and that's teamwork too.

Mr. in a Spacesuit had a number of options available to him:

"Hey, we were just fooling around."

"We did at one point discuss a conquest-oriented approach to inter-nomic relations, but as you can tell from our proposals to you we opted for a trade-oriented approach instead."

"We consider our game to be an open forum where ideas can be discussed even if we have no intention of actually implementing them."

Instead, he chose to throw two of us to the wolves, point fingers and whine that it wasn't his fault.  If a group of nomic players might be considered a team, he just showed another team what teamwork means to us.

My disrespect prop stands.


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