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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Fwd: [Thermo] "Breaking Nomics"

>> For going out of eir way to publicly air eir version of our dirty laundry
rather an exhibit any semblance of solidarity, I disrespect Orc >in a

>Did you read the message right? Orc didn't post that. The members of
>Thermo found the message on their own.

What happened is this. A non-player of both Nomics posted a message in
Thermo, which bd forwarded to B Nomic under the subject line "be careful
what you wish for", although it was originally titled "The real reason Nomic
Market was created". Orc then posted a message to Thermo, in which e
explained that the original writer had not understood the whole story and
blamed it all on Glotmorf and Baron von Skippy.

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