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[spoon-discuss] Rules Amendment:

With the consent of 2/3 * 0 or 0 people, the rules of Nomic Market are
hereby amended to incorporate fix suggestions. They now read as follows:

Any player of any Nomic on the List may declare emself to be at the Market,
subject to the rules of eir home Nomic, the Nomic in which e is a player.
Such a declaration must be made on the Nomic Market mailing list and on the
list of the home Nomic; archives of both must be publicly availible. While
at the Market, all players may give their in-game posessions to one another;
such things are destroyed in one game and created in another. So that
players may give their things to themselves, a player who is in two Nomics
may act as two people in the Nomic Market, with the different games as
different home Nomics. Any player who is at the Market continuously for one
week without trading any goods is considered to leave the Market. While at
the Market, all players are bound by the rules of the Market and of their
home Nomics; anything not prohibited by either of these is permitted.

Since this is a Nomic-related activity, it is only natural that the rules be
amendable; therefore this document may be amended if and only if a proposed
change has the support of two thirds of all who are currently at the Market.
One exception is that the list of participating Nomics may be amended
whenever a Nomic that wishes to be added demonstrates that its rules and
archives are publicly availible and formally asks the Administrator to add
them, or whenever any Nomic on the list asks the Administrator to remove
them. The list of participating Nomics is below. The Administrator shall be
an individual responsible for tracking all changes to the Nomic Market
rules; currently it is the entity known as Craig.

(Currently Participating Nomics)

The phrase "home Nomic" is defined.
Players of two Nomics act as two players.
Nomics may ask to leave.

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