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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Good-bye, you purple fuzzy freak!

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 10:39  PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

I sacrifice the Crazy Squid to make Barney Go Away.

Having done that, I perform the following actions:

I place myself on the Grid at (12,18).
I buy a Speeder, name it the Crazy Squid II, and have it appear at (12, 18).
I buy a Grain Gnome and a Water Gnome and merge them for a Beer Gnome.
I repeat the above step.
I buy a Water Gnome and merge it with my Herb Gnome for a Tea Gnome.
I squeeze the Beer Gnomes twice each for four Cans of Beer.
I squeeze the Tea Gnome twice for two Cups of Tea.
I merge one Beer Gnome and the Tea Gnome for a British Gnome.
I buy an Alien Gnome.
I merge the other Beer Gnome, the Alien Gnome, and the British Gnome for a Ford Prefect Gnome.
I squeeze the Ford Prefect Gnome twice for two towels.
I merge the Ford Prefect Gnome and the Crazy Squid II.
I drink all four Cans of Beer and both Teas.
I recycle all four Beer Cans in my possesion.
I get into the Crazy Squid II.
I warp to (20,17).
I purchase (20,18).
I buy an Earth Gnome, an Ice Gnome, and a Fire Gnome.
I declare my intent to forge a historical relic and destroy those three Gnomes to make an Ancient Monolith.

Total cost thus far:
60 points to vSOI
30 points to no one
300 BNS to no one

Oh, two other things - you give BNS for land purchases to Dave, not just to 'no one', and it's 500 BNS, not 300.

Oh, and there aren't any Recycling Centers on the Grid that aren'y owned by WBE; recycling therefore gives you no RUs, and WBE all of them.


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