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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 39 BALLOT

On 4/21/03 at 12:00 PM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>Proposal 1456/0: Hey, a little rain won't kill ya... (Glotmorf)
>I like the concept, but don't like a few things about the prop:  First, it
>drains the Gnome Account.  Second, it limits the shower based on the
>contents of the gnome account.  Third, it doesn't seem dramatic enough.
>Change the first two and I'll vote yes; making it more dramatic would be a
>nice addition.

The first isn't a bug; it's a feature.  At the moment there's a lot more that goes into the gremlin fund than comes out of it; as long as it's accumulating, it might as well be used for something.

Second: see above.  Its purpose isn't just to drop rocks all over; it's to use the accumulated gremlin fund to drop rocks all over.  If there's no accumulation, there's no barrage.  This will give us a handle on how fast the gremlin fund accumulates.

Third: What do you mean by "dramatic"?  Do you want a prose prop?

>Proposal 1463/0: I Get It from my Dad (M-Tek)
>Can be covered by rectificiation or is pointless, in my opinion.

What do you mean by "rectification"?  As in, we create a prop that deletes the class, which messes up the object, them we create a second prop to fix the object?  How is that better than taking care of it automatically?

>Proposal 1464/0: We Got Class Now! (Glotmorf)
>I am not in favor of multiple similar parallel systems in this game.

What do you mean by "multiple similar parallel systems"?  I am not aware of another class structure in the game.  If you're referring to your Uber, I would like to remind you that IT DOESN'T EXIST YET!!!  Ahem.  If you were proposing it this nweek it would be another matter, but at the moment there is only one class system in effect, and all I'm doing is using it.


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