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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday evening)

On Saturday, April 19, 2003, at 12:36  AM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

Would you claim, then, that a player hit by a Pinball gun can be stopped by a Siren? It's basically the same situation - the player is being forced to move by a different object.


-Yeah, but... it's the difference between being forced to move by your car which you are driving and being forced to move by the strange attractive force after you fell out of that airplane. What, are you going to get hit by a Pinball Gun, look around, shrug, and walk back into the ZOE? Not likely.-

That's only a difference in how you perceive things as happening; it's not a difference, as far as the rules are concerned, in how they happen. In either case, the player is forced to move by another object; whether or not e caused said forcing is not the business of the Siren, as it is not mentioned in the rules.

However, while looking up rule references to support this claim, I seem to have reversed my earlier decision. I now agree that the CFI is true; it would be equally true had the attempted move been the result of a Pinballing.

References (all as of nweek 38, when the action took place):
I. Rule 301.E.2.2.
If it is not the Tango Season, Players in a Siren's ZOE may only move to other Grid Squares in that Siren's ZOE, and Players in a Siren's ZATR may only move to Grid squares in that Siren's ZATR or Grid squares in that Siren's ZOE.

II. Rule 301.A.2
	A Move is a step between two consecutive squares.

III. Rule 1071.B.
	If an Airspeeder takes a move, all objects in it are moved with it.

According to II, a move is a move regardless of whether you did it yourself or you had it done for you. So you can't make your speeder force you to move; but other players can't force you to move by hitting you, either. You become completely locked down until the siren is destroyed. Except that teleportation isn't movement, so you could use an IID to escape. And Elbonia throwing is different, so if you're on an Airways, you can use it. Unless it randomly lands you on a square adjacent to where you were; then it must have been illegal. And if I use my Force Destruction on you, you can't get shifted out of the way, if the random relocation comes up out of the ZOE.

Methinks the movement system could use a bit of a tweak.

Probably because back when the Grid was simple, there was no reason to make any distinction between moving and being moved, and I was too tired to write one up when I did MOs in the first place. Back then the only forced movement was Pinballing. Which, by the way, currently causes the target to move itself three times; apparently you hit me, so I walk away from you. Or something.

Maybe you're projecting your Cosmic Odor, and I'm trying to get away? ;)


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