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Re: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

On 4/18/03 at 11:02 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>>>>>-"So fix it" is answer one. Answer two is that, in my mind, an army
>>>>>faeries has always been a couple thousand (they're really small),
>>>>>number about two, three hundred, ogres number about twenty, and the
>>>>>are one. Well, one mind. Hundreds of bodies.-
>>>>And three hundred elves can fit in a space that, if I'm in it, can't
>>>>fit two elves?
>>>>To "fix it", as you say, could be done in a couple of ways, none of
>>>>are entirely agreeable:
>>>>1) Repeal armies. In general, I dislike repealing things until we're
>>>>certain nobody uses them anymore.
>>>>2) Move armies to a separate grid. This would require a new Ministry,
>>>>which would probably land on Dave, who wouldn't want to deal with it.
>>>>this would get vetoed.
>>>-I meant fix the other thing. Let players occupy the same space. It's
>>>proposed a couple of times. Third time's the charm! Seriously, it is
>>>ridiculous. A player needing all the space in an Elbonian Airways to
>>>themselves? Not right.-
>>But that doesn't change the fact that the Grid is scaled differently. We
>>have things like Balls of Wax, Big Sticks, Speeders, etc. all of which
>>based on the player-sized squares. Even if I can stand next to you, that
>>doesn't mean the squares are bigger. And there's not a lot of space at an
>>Elbonian Airway - it's just a slingshot in the mud (and maybe a Pig or
>>Perhaps it's just my mental image, but I always pictured the grid as
>>not all that much larger than it appears on Orc's renderings of it, maybe
>>hundred feet to the side of a square, at most; to fit armies into it
>>requires rescaling by a factor of around a hundred, maybe more if you
>>really want to fit a thousand faeries in. Many things would cease to make
>>sense at all - can I really run 3000 miles in a day (That's 128 mph)? And
>>how can I hit you with a Big Stick when you're so far away?
>>Armies, as they are, just don't fit in.
>-Then go with us being huge, or scale them down in your mind - maybe it's
>only a platoon of faeries, a squad of elves, two Ogres. Whatever. Or
>everything as pieces on a game board, and we, the demigoddic Players,
>hovering above, controlling it all.-

Actually, the demigoddic Players are so big, so badass and so powerful that none of them would tolerate another of them being in the same square.  It's not actually a size thing as it is a power thing.  Think of it as godlike body odor.  Fortunately it's cosmic godlike body odor, so the armies that navigate through the same space, lacking in godlike sense of smell, aren't slain by our sheer presence.


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