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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

>>> 2. ThermodyNomic introduces a Grid-like system, and there are
>>> teleports
>>> between the two grids. Anyone on a foreign grid carries eir stuff
>>> with em
>>> and is bound by the new movement rules. Integrates the two Nomics to a
>>> greater degree, and gets more confusing, but allows for trade in
>>> really
>>> straightforward ways.
>> -So with that, we could fairly easily link B, Thermo, Agora, and
>> Nomicron to each other. Could be interesting, especially the prospect
>> of using different grids to your advantage - maybe it's faster at the
>> moment to go through Agora to the B Nomic gate than it is to just
>> strike out for B Nomic, for example.-

>How are other grids scaled? I got the impression that Nomicron's was
>not a Grid upon which players could walk around, but more of a
>theoretical world where each square represented a large tract of land,
>an entire estate by itself.

Thermo does not yet have a grid. Therefore, B Nomic can have some input into
what its scale is, as part of the motivation would be the sheer coolness of

>We seem to be doing a bit of both - the grid was player-scaled up until
>Armies arrived; now it's actually kind of absurd - a space small enough
>to be filled by a single player so that no other player can enter is
>somehow large enough to hold an entire Army?

Maybe they're armies of elves.

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