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RE: [spoon-discuss] Fwd: RE: [Thermo] Proposals File

>> > > >say, rules). And you have to destroy and create at the same time; no
>> > > >destroying and then creating in two props.
>> > >
>> > > Yes, but that means we have something to offer them: storage space.
>> > > Things in their game get randomly destroyed if nothing else happens.
>> > > So
>> >
>> >if
>> >
>> > > they wanted to safeguard something, they could store it here...where
>> > > least things aren't destroyed by the same circumstances...

Remember that such destruction will be very rare. One Thing per week. April
has seen a lot of activity (over 100 messages already), and in the first
week when it was possible, quite a few proposals have already passed. So we
don't need a lot of storage space. I am in favor of this because of what I
think it offers to both Nomics: The same coolness that InterNomic would have
had if it had succeeded.

>> >Ooh, I like. But - what do they have to offer us? :P
>> -It begins with a "M" and rhymes with "Oney."-

>Right. Forgot for a second there. :P

Remember that Coins will be a valuable comodity. We don't want to lose too
many Things. Also remember that it will be rare for new ones to be created.
They are primarily going to be something you spend to let your proposals be
bigger, at first. Eventually our economy will complexify (I hope) to the
point where we will have something to offer, but for now I think it's
primarily coolness. And, at heart, coolness is the only reason to play
Nomic. Or any other game.

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