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[spoon-discuss] A name for... things

We have many things in the ruleset. Players. Gremlins. Societies. Entities. Objects. The Yeti. Etc. One thing that would help with standardization would be a term that could be used for "Anything that acts on its own/does stuff/performs actions". This would include players and gremlins and societies and such. And an adjective to put out front would be good, to show those that are on the grid.

I have searched long for such a term. In the Uber, I defined "entity" as having that meaning. But I have found a term that may be better, whether in the Uber or not:


That means, roughly, "acts of its own volition". A definition I found elsewhere, is: "An object that has the ability to move, and/or talk. Usually it refers to humans, and other sentient and sub-sentient races, but it could also refer to a talking statue or a walking enchanted table."

So... it's a long word, but considerably shorter than "player, gremlins, the Yeti, Barney..." etc lists all over the ruleset, list that will have to change every time a new type of volitional pops up, if they don't use a standardized term.

What do you think? Should we define certain kinds of things to be "Volitional"?

Orc in a Spacesuit

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