Adam Hill on 7 Apr 2003 22:53:01 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] Re: NWEEK 38 BALLOT

Sorry, Orc, I was in a hurry to leave when I re-sent my ballot.  Here are my responses to your comments.

> It was clarified.  Bd got the fix I suggested in on time.

My mistake.  I go by the version that appears on Current Proposals, and it hadn't been updated when I read it.  With the changes, I support the proposal.

> I believe that's in the realm of administarial rectification.  And although
> people (including myself) should take care of this kind of stuff beforehand,
> I think it would be easier on Dave just to rectify it than have to deal
> with the prop being shelved and hanging around another nweek.
> That can also be rectified.  Personally, however, I'd change it to "Players
> who are in a ZATR or ZOE and are in ...", adding the "who are" instead
> of removing the "are".

[begin snobbish mode]  Personally, I'd rather not pass a proposal that has typos and such.  That's how we ended up with all those "recieves" in the ruleset.

Also, your recommended change is perfectly fine with me.  As long as the grammar is proper.

Additionally, even though you didn't ask, I'll explain my Nomvivor vote: I voted for BvS for the same reason I'd vote for anyone -- a comparison of my votes to others' votes on the last ballot.   It's nothing personal.

Anything McGee.

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