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Re: [spoon-discuss] Races 2: Movement

From: Daniel Lepage <dplepage@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 03:25  PM, Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
MO's have the attribute Movement, which is an integer; SO's do not. An object's Movement is set to eir Speed at the beginning of each nweek, or 3 if it does not have a Speed.

Not 'eir' Speed; 'its' Speed. Many objects are neuter.

An issue that pops up all through these props. "Objects" includes players, who tend to not be neuter. I figured it could go either way, as "eir" can stand for either gender or neuter. If someone wants it a specific way, I'll change it, though.

Replace section B.2 with:
A MO may Walk to any adjacent location, provided that it is legal for the object to enter that location. When an object Walks to a location, it is moved to that location. Walking costs 3 Movement.

Walking may also be referred to as Flying, Cruising, or Running. [[Because airspeeders don't walk.]]

Warping costs 8 Movement. When an object Warps to a location, it is moved to that location. [[Note that permission is not given here for anything to warp -- it's for Aliens and IID's and such, and any other special case we make in the rules.]]

First of all, I'd call these Sliding and Leaping, and not make any other names for them. Secondly, I wouldn't have either cost any Movement directly, but rather make wrappers around them that do - a player can Walk, which is a Slide for 3 Movement; if e plays football, e can Run instead, which is also a Sliding move, but only costs 1 Movement, Speeders can Cruise, Sliding for 2, etc.

Right now, almost all players join a football team simply because they can go faster. I wanted to get away from that, making everyone able to move at the same rate. And Speeders still need the same amount of Movement, just get a lot more of it. I thought about doing something similar to what you suggest, but it's a lot simpler this way. Simpler on me writing it, Dave implementing it, and the GridMin managing it.

Change Section E.3 to the following:
There exists an entity named the Yeti, which has the Race Yeti and Gender Male. At the start of the 1st nday of each nweek, if the Yeti is on the Grid, he Leaps if able to a random square that is not more than 8 units from his location repeatedly until he cannot. Leaping costs 8 Movement, and moves the Leaper to the location e Lept to. At the start of the 1st nday of each week, if the Yeti is Dead, a Winter Gnome appears on a random empty location on the Grid, that location becomes Frozen, and the Yetis is moved to that location. At the start of the 1st nday of each week, if the Yeti is not on the Grid, he moves to a random Location on the Grid.

Ah, so here it *is* Leaping. But is identical to Warping.

True. Hmm. Well, I didn't have either of these things at first; they kind of evolved, as I had a seperate movement form for everything, then tried to standardize it. I think I'll make Leaping different, rather than simply making it a clone of Warping. I'll include in the definition of Leaping the distance restriciton. Maybe they'll be further differentiated in the future.

If any object would be moved illegally as a result of this, the movement does not occur, though it still counts as the player Walking or the Airspeeder Cruising, and still costs the requisite Movement. Note that these effects may result in an object having negative Movement.

Isn't that bad?

Yes, but then bad things tend to happen when you get Inebriated. Which is what this rule applies to. As for having negative Movement, no that in itself is not bad. Just means that if you find a way to boost your movement mid-nweek, you'll have to account for your drunken stupidity and raise it to 0 first.

Append to Rule 1186, __Lake Caffeine__, "Players, Barney, and Gremlins gain +X Speed while Wired, where X is eir Constitution divided by 3. When a player, a Gremlin, or Barney becomes Wired, e gains Movement equal to X divided by 3, if e has not already become Wired during the current nweek."

But not the Yeti?

We could really use a standard term for these things. The Uber calls them "physical entities", with and "entity" being something capable of independent action, and the physical part meaning that it's what we call grid objects. But this isn't the Uber. Hmm, maybe "objects with a Race" will do. Though a shorter term than that would be nice.

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