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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] CFI

From: "Donald Whytock" <dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I issue the following CFI:

Orc in a Spacesuit did not make the moves e declared that would have taken em out of the ZATR of the most recent siren.


Enough context, and some specific statements, exist to demonstrate that moving in a speeder is in fact moving, and moving outside a siren's ZATR is not allowed, except under certain conditions that Orc in a Spacesuit did not meet.

Defendent: Orc in a Spacesuit.

From the Airspeeders rule:
"If a player is in an Airspeeder which e owns, e may cause that Airspeeder to Move to an adjacent, legal location." "A player who is in an Airspeeder is considered to be at the location of the airspeeder. If an Airspeeder takes a move, all objects in it are moved with it."

And from the Grid rule:
"Players in a Siren's ZOE may only move to other Grid Squares in that Siren's ZOE, and Players in a Siren's ZATR may only move to Grid squares in that Siren's ZATR or Grid squares in that Siren's ZOE."

I can either take the action "move", or I can be operated on, "be moved" by something else. These are two seperate things, and the ruleset is not clear on what exactly is meant where. From the way it's written, it appears that the Siren part restricts the ability of players to take the action of moving. However, players don't actually take the action of moving when in an airspeeder, according to the current rules; players cause their airspeeders to move, and everything in the airspeeders are convienently dragged along.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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