Daniel Lepage on 4 Apr 2003 20:53:01 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] About Glotmorf's OO rule

On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 02:02  PM, Rob Speer wrote:

I don't get Collection Properties or Pointer Properties. _Especially_
Pointer Properties. It does give me an image of the Nomic following a
null pointer and segfaulting, though. Anyway, a Collection should just
be its own kind of object. (I call it a List or a Set.)

I would have called Point Properties 'Reference Properties' instead, but the idea is still good. If, for example, proposals needed to know who made them, they'd have to have a pointer/reference to the correct player - if we just used Objects, then each proposal would create its own copy of its author... which would certainly be interesting...

Anyway. Here's my idea for an OO system:

First, I'd make this rule.
There exists a Class List, which describes the Classes that exist in the
game. Everything in the game is an instance of some Class. If not
otherwise specified, the thing is an instance of the Thingy class.

That's all you need. Really.

Then, some classes to start with:

Class: Thingy
Inherits from: None
  * follows the Rules
  * is an instance of a Class
* has all of the properties of its Class and all Superclasses of its Class * can perform all of the actions of its Class and all Superclasses of its

This doesn't seem to specify how Class properties and Instance properties differ either... And not all derived objects can perform all of the actions of their Class and those of all Superclasses of their Class. Case and point the spoo-fleem issue I mentioned, where the derived class would only have the bar() method of one of its parents.

I believe that most of the Ruleset could be converted into this form,
but these classes will also coexist with a mostly unchanged ruleset.

I suppose I'd been thinking about this class thing only as an aid to the Grid... but converting the entire game to it might be more helpful...


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