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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

*sigh* Okay...let's make a list...While infatuated with a siren, a player can currently do the following:

- mix drinks
- buy drinks
- thwock
- whack
- pick up an item
- throw an item
- buy a pinball gun
- fire a pinball gun
- use The Force
- buy a new speeder
- raise an army
- wage war
- inscribe an ancient monolith
- become a priest
- plant an olive tree
- harvest an olive tree
- catch the football
- run with the football (as long as he doesn't leave the siren)
- throw the football
- punt the football
- tackle
- detonate a can of whoopass
- buy a Big Rock
- wreak destruction
- landscape
- sacrifice a speeder to make Barney go away
- buy a grid square

I'd say the ones I left in the list count as "showing off" and/or "buying stuff to impress her."

But yeah, I get your point.  Revision forthcoming.

Orc in a Spacesuit

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