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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

On 4/2/03 at 10:37 AM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>>From: "Glotmorf" <glotmorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Excuse me?  If I wanna fly my big floaty model plane around, why
>>I be able to?
>>If you absolutely have to do this, at least confine it to airspeeders the
>>ensirened player is actually in.
>Thought about it, and decided that the person would be to ga-ga over the
>Siren to focus on much else.

But not too ga-ga to throw things at other players, fire a pinball gun, thwock or whack, or move around the rock's orbit?  The person is supposed to be too infatuated to leave, not too comatose to move.

The "bug" you're trying to fix is keeping people from flying off in their speeders by using a remote.  Okay, address that directly.  What you're proposing is overkill, making remotely piloting an airspeeder different from almost every other grid action.


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