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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

It appears that in my last message to spoon-business, my attempt to get fancy backfired. To group multiple changes to a single rule in each of those proposals, I used double greater-than and less-than signs, like this: '<<' and '>>'. This will cause some email programs (like Hotmail), that like to get fancy, think those delimiters are in fact indicating quoted text from a message I am replying to. So they may not show up properly. Well, at least the props are still readable, at least in Hotmail.

Oh, and something that's not too clear: Forced Leave, and therefore garbage collection, are based on changes to activity. With making someone actually do themselves anything that requires activity, people have to actually do something in order to stay a player. Which is why I put that in the prop, and didn't address the issues directly.

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