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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Think way back for a bit...

[[Does everyone remember way back when I proposed that thing about trading with other Nomics and all? It was interesting, but failed in the end. Well, what if we resurrect the issue? The following appeared in a Nomicron post:

"Other types of interaction [[besides wars]] would be interesting, however. Some means to move points back and forth, Rules that depend on the other Nomic's Ruleset, etc. Hmmm..."

I believe the post of Ambassador is open, and according to the Ministers rule, "If at any time no player (or The Administrator) holds a Ministry, an Election is called for that Ministry."]]

As such, I nominate myself for the position of Ambassador, and would like to point out that, as the above quote indicates, I'm already in contact with another Nomic.

Nomicron's ruleset, AFAICT, has a grid not unsimilar to our own, although not as heavily developed... it seems like it would not be difficult to agree on a set of standard objects allowable on both Grids...

One idea I had regarding interaction between Nomics came while looking at the ruleset to Autonomic. It was very simple, having only five rules, and I don't remember exactly what they were, but it was something to the effect that each player had the power to create personal rules which applied only to them, and that an event happened in the main game if and when the respective rulesets of a majority of all players involved in the event agreed that it would happen.

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm tired, but that strikes me as an ideal ruleset for a multinomic game...

Aside from that, there was some discussion on the Nomic Bulletin Board at one point about the feasibility of internomic trading, and perhaps even internomic war games, like a massive game of Risk or Diplomacy.

Any thoughts?

-Yes, but most are colossal wastes of time. The ones that aren't go something like this: Their grid is like ours, but coming from the opposite direction. They started with ownership and have very little else. So we could export some Grid objects, certainly... make a little off the trade, too, I have no doubt. I say that because I think I know how we could ensure that no one steals our rules to save cash and vice versa. Give Ambassadors veto power if the proposed rule too closely resembles a rule in another Nomic - this might mean restricting it to one Ambassador per other Nomic, so they can be familiar enough with the rules. Make that a required universal clause for trade and we're in business, so to speak.-


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