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Re: [Spoon-business] Re: [spoon-discuss] Prop 1422

On 3/31/03 at 11:45 PM Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:

>>How precisely is an Ice Cube or an Ice Sphere "activated"?  Is it a
>>conscious act by a player, or a proximity effect?
>"Ice Cubes and Ice Spheres may be activated by any object in the same
>location in them if they are not carried or possessed, or by any object
>possessing or carrying them."
>So somebody says the activate an Ice Cube, and if it's legal for them to
>so, its done.  Alternatively, a rule could dictate that a Ice Cube be
>Activated by a Boomcage.  Or a Gnome be squeezed by the Yeti.]]

Yes, but the paragraph you're quoting says they're activated by any object in the same location or by any object possessing them.  Which means they're just as likely to go off in my pocket as in the same square as Barney.  Said activation could be an action (I may want it to go off) or an event (it will go off whether I want it to or not).

If it's only an action, that's great, it means it won't go off immediately after I buy it.

If it's only an event, that's okay, though I might at least want to throw it first.  Or arrange for it to be "delivered".

If it's an action *and* an event, I'd like the wording clarified so that it *won't* go off immediately after I buy it.


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