Glotmorf glotmorf on Thu, 29 Aug 2002 02:50:24 -0400

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[BNomic-Public] Re: [Bnomic-private] Cont: Immutable rule

On 8/28/02 at 9:33 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>-Well, begging Dave's pardon, I'm looking for loopholes, not ease in 
>implementation. That said, no it isn't. I'm trying to give two rules the 
>same serial number. So they can't both have it. So one has to lose it. So
>seems reasonable that the two are in conflict, yes? Well, in the event of
>conflict, the lower-numbered gets precedence for the slot, so Rule 1 wins 
>out over Rule 33.-

Move an existing rule into Rule #33, and you get a brand spankin' new=
 version of Rule #33.  Which means it's Rule 33/<old revision number> + 1.

No conflict.