Baron von Skippy baronvonskippy on Fri, 23 Aug 2002 22:09:02 -0400

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[BNomic-Public] Re: [Bnomic-private] in other news...

>* Anything maintained by a Ministry, on the Web server, disappeared.
>Fortunately, the ministers should have good backups for those things. The
>Gnome ministry should be in good hands, as its Minister was keeping eir
>own records anyway. The Gremlins and Bank records will be lost, but those
>are easy enough to fix -- just randomize the Gremlins, and fix the Bank
>(which desperately needs to be done anyway). The Insta-Ministry, well, it
>was on the same Web server, so I dunno what will become of it.

-Um, Dave? Bad news about the MoG. There is no backup. I have an old list, 
unless I got rid of it, and I can recreate a lot from that, but I stopped 
updating after the MoG site went up. To everyone: Short of my and bd's 
massive Gnome gains, has anyone done anything with Gnomes? And who lost eir 
gnomes to bd? With that, I can rebuild the list.-


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