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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Proposals

On 8/13/02 at 11:14 PM Wonko wrote:

>Some Props:
>__A bit of Exorc.__
>In rule twenty-two (Version three)
>A list of four things you will see.
>But the fourth thing's not cool,
>so amend that there rule,
>so the fourth thing will no longer be.
>[[ Effect: Remove the 3-day ClockStop from the list of Post-Win effects.
>Rationale: If we have to wait for a CFI to decide whether or not somebody
>won, we wouldn't know what nday it was until the CFI was decided. Worse,
>CFI's result could affect whether or not somebody was recused from the CFI.
>That would be bad. ]]

Wasn't the three-day clock stop Dave's idea?  So that he can catch up and so that we can all get a breather (and kick ourselves, should we not be the ones that won)?

>__A bit more Exorc.__
>In rule eight-fifteen,
>Remove section B dot Six.
>Renumber the rest.
>[[ Effect: Repeal Force Absorbing.
>Rationale: Various Force actions could be recognized by me, and their
>effects (such as Grid changes) could be recognized by other ministers,
>before it became apparent that the actions had been prevented by
>as only the Admin knows. Also, if someone were to use more force than they
>had, but only couldn't afford it because they had Absorbed, I wouldn't know
>until the Admin had waited the required time to tell me. That's bad. ]]

Doesn't that leave us with no defense against force actions?

>__And finally...__
>In Section B6
>Of rule one-fifty-four, take
>out the last para.
>[[ Effect: Remove Entropic Syllable restrictions
>Rationale: They don't work - the rules can't regulate what I post to the
>Forum any more than they can regulate what clothes I put on in the morning.
>And even if they did work, they're just an annoyance - they don't do
>anything except encourage people to write proposals that look really ugly.

As I said before, this is a tax-the-rich's meant to keep successful people from being run-away-success-ful people by at least making them exert a little more work as their success grows.  Personally I'd like to see more things like that.  And I'm currently in the lead.


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