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Re: [spoon-discuss] PseudoCode

On 8/14/02 at 12:59 PM Jeremy \ Cook wrote:

>Would someone mind posting the game precedent on exactly what qualifies as
>pseudocode and what doesn't? Does saying "If X, then I do Y" count as

Just posting an if-then command isn't necessarily pseudocode; that's just a conditional action.  It's also not guaranteed because Mr. A has to remember you did it when the circumstance comes nigh.

I forget what I originally did that I called a pseudocode action, but what made it singular is that it was structured with a looping condition.  If you're familiar with programming, using a while or for loop would do it.  For example, bd could have done eir megaCFI as

for n = each existing rule
  create a CFI that reads: Rule N does not exist.
next n

Or maybe

while the ruleset contains rules
  if a rule-killing CFI isn't pending
    n = highest-numbered rule
    create a rule-killing CFI that reads: Rule n does not exist.
end while

Which would do the same thing, but considerably slower.


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