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Re: [spoon-discuss] Requesting HR documentation

> > > I request membership in the society von Skippy Overproductions, Inc.
> >
> >  I accept this membership request.
> -Well, that was fast. I also accept your request. Welcome to the company,
> Squire. Your office is next to Voice's, you can start tomorrow.-
>                                                    -BvS-

Thanks everyone for accepting my request so promptly. By the way that's not
an office that's broom closet, but hey I am still getting my benefits
oackage right??? and whatabout my 401k contributions???


-No, on the /other/ side of Voice's office, through the door with your name on it. Let's see... your benefits package and 401k should be set, although you may wish to verify that with Payroll and Accounting. If you're looking to suceed in this fast-paced monopolized economy we live in, you're on the right track. Just look at the amazing sucesses of our employees. Our current legal analyst, for example, holds 99.87% of the nation's wealth. If you're a team player with a go-getter spirit, you too can become a vSOI Sucess Story. Now please get out of my office, smiling like this is making my cheeks hurt.-


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