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[spoon-discuss] Orc's Replies 8/12/02

Mithrandir: Dear lord... if you include x and y values as dimensions j and k, you've got 11-dimensional space... You, Orc, have unlocked the secrets of the superstrings! I don't know whether to be happy, sad, or unlock my old Y2K bomb shelter.

Orc: You misunderstand me. I said I could make The Grid have more dimensions, but then said it would be better, if someone wanted to reinstate Dimensions later, to make the propsal I showed, WHICH WOULD CREATE A NEW SPACE SIMILAR TO THE GRID, BUT SEPERATE FROM IT. So you would have the 2-dimensional Grid and the 9-dimensional DimSpace. Although you could just as easily make The Grid be 11-dimensional, with 2 dimensions at the control of the players, and the rest not.


Wonko: Nobility isn't a dimension. Or are you changing that?

Orc: That wasn't an actual proposal. I was just showing what someone could propose. So no, I'm not changing that; I'm just showing a proposal that could change that. What my big prop does is actually make nothing dimensions, as dimensions don't really do anything by being dimensions anymore. Oh, and I'm planning on later making a prop which will cause lots events based on values that players have (such as being given the title "Spoiled Brat" if they have negative Respect and Charm, and a whole lotta BNS).


BvS:-Let's see, so the judge will be randomly selected from you, Mithrandir, and Squire, in accordance with game custom (does that mean anything in this game?).-

Orc: Whee, inexperienced judges!  I hope I get picked!


BvS: I join Team Crimson.
I place myself on the Grid at (1, 13).
I pay all of my Force Points to advance along the Jedi Path.
Orc, kick me the ball. I'm in the endzone.

Orc: Hold on while I check the legality of me doing that.


Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status: Seeing if it's possible for his foot to meet the ball and have it sail in BvS's direction without the physics of this place preventing such a meeting.

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