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Re: [spoon-discuss] Now which way do I run?

On Monday 12 August 2002 08:13 pm, Wonko wrote:
> Quoth bd,
> > On Sunday 11 August 2002 10:57 pm, Orc In A Spacesuit wrote:
> >> found
> >> reference to "Dimships", which appear to have created quite a headache
> >
> > Yes, they did. Wonko(?) got two ogf them, and did a recursive loop
> > thingy, we realized that it might have happened before, things went
> > wacky, and I say rule 0/0 in effect.
> What happened was that I bought six DimShips, and attempted to put myself
> into an infinite loop where five of them would boost my entropy high enough
> to cause an infinite number of entropic grid-wipes, giving each player 10
> points repeatedly, and the sixth would keep me 100 points ahead of everyone
> else, so I would be the one to win each time. There was then much
> controversy over whether or not DimShips could build upon each other, which
> resulted in the sudden discovery that the current phrasing defined my
> Entropy to be some number n such that n + 500 = n. Or, in other words,
> undefined. This almost led to a SOE, as many dimensions were thus
> undefined, until it was pointed out that, as the dimensions rule defined
> dimensions as numbers, anything that would make them undefined would need
> to supercede the rule to do so, which DimShips didn't. Thus, DimShips did
> nothing.
> That scam cost me 600 points, which kinda sucked, but it was okay, because
> I won a nweek later off the Gnome Scam.

I thought there *WAS* a SOE? We scrapped the dimships, remember?

The above == my from field. Duh.
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