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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] I said I felt underrepresented, and I meant it, dammit...

On 8/12/02 at 12:51 AM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>I propose:
>__Eddie's in the Space-Time Continuum__
>Amend rule 904 to read:
>"There are four Gods of B Nomic:
>"Aphrael, Goddess of Children.
>"Asclepius, God of Healing.
>"Apophis, the Destroyer.
>"Eddie, God of Atheists.
>"No player may ever be a worshipper of two Gods at once, however a player
>may worship no God at all.
>"Players may only become, or cease to be, worshippers of a God as stated
>the Rules, and by the Priests/Priestesses of that God."

Define "Atheists" in the game context.


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