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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Still exploiting loopholes b4 my prop closes them all

On 8/11/02 at 11:26 PM Baron von Skippy wrote:

>>I drink 1 glass of champagne
>>I drink 1 glass of champagne
>>I drink 1 glass of champagne
>>I drink 1 glass of champagne
>>I drink 1 glass of champagne
>>[[Note: the above is permissable as Rule 503 states that all that is
>>necessary to take the above actions is to state I do, and does not
>>a target glass of champagne.  If someone wants to Call For Inquiry on
>>(again =:D), go right ahead.  Also, if these actions do indeed succeed,
>>then I do not become Inebriated, and I do stagger around 5 times at the
>>of the nweek, and I do gain 5d5 style points, as per rule 503.]]
>>Orc In A Spacesuit
>>Current Status: Doing his darndest to exploit all the loopholes he can
>>without breaking the game.
>-Eh... I don't care if you feel like getting smashed. uin did that a while
>back, and I suppose we forgot about the loophole...-

We forgot about the loophole because it wasn't a loophole.  It was CFI'd, and the CFI was ruled on, and the verdict was that uin couldn't drink glasses of champagne that e didn't create or acquire.  The fact that both the creation and the destruction of glasses of champagne were methods defined in the rules meant it was regulated, so one couldn't ad hoc create or destroy champagne. OiaB saying e is explicitly drinking someone else's champagne?


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