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Re: [spoon-discuss] Calvinball!

That was me.

I count orc in and throw him the croquet pole of eternal doubt.

> Current Status: Not yet in the game, and wondering what Calvinball is.

Rule 1: The rules are never the same twice.
Rule 2: There are/is no Rules/Spoon

Sorry about the confusion about who said what. It helps if you have a signature.

I grind the Croquet Pole of Eternal Doubt into dust, use it as flour in a loaf of bread, adding the Water of Clarity and the Yeast of Growing Confusion, and give one slice of the bread to everyone, and eat the one I give to myself. And then I pluck my shoes.

Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status: Not yet in B Nomic, and trying to think of how to play Calvinball better.

I garnish my piece of Confused Transparent Doubtful Bread with the Chunky Peanut Butter of Clear Thinking. The result, either a large fireball or a small nuclear explosion, sends me flying into the Zone of Power, where I Grasp the Idol of Power and raise BvS, bd, and Orc high into the air, there to remain until I choose.

-I don the Flippers of Aerial Propellance and scissors-kick my way over to you, where I bop you with the Specter's Scepter of Spectre. James Bond kicks your ass. (SPECTRE was the evil organization in the first several Bond films. As for the name of the thing, I've been playing too much Diablo II...)-


I'm not terribly surprised. That game's about as addictive as heroin. And much cheaper. Okay, I take a page from the Book of Monty Python and fling the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch at you. A choir of angels sings "Hallelujah" before you're blasted into next week. You can't rejoin this game of Calvinball until Monday.

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