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Re: [spoon-discuss] Calvinball!

> I garnish my piece of Confused Transparent Doubtful Bread with the Chunky > Peanut Butter of Clear Thinking. The result, either a large fireball or a
> small nuclear explosion, sends me flying into the Zone of Power, where I
> Grasp the Idol of Power and raise BvS, bd, and Orc high into the air, there
> to remain until I choose.

I spin my pole of Swap Places at Mir... Mith... Mark Haywood, and run away
leaving him suspended.

-I pursue you with the Boomerang of Theft. I fling it at you and steal your Turtle of Slowness, which I then use upon Orc to slow er way down.-

The above == my from field. Duh.
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