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[spoon-discuss] Orc's Replies 8/9/02

Yet again, I'm putting my replies toghether:

BvS: I touch the pole of Gravity, and your shoes turn into ducks.

Orc: I have no idea what Calvinball is, but it already sounds fun. Count me in!


Orc from before:
* The revision of a lot of rules, ususally either a wording change
all instances of the word Entity in Rule XXX/X to Player", or some such
thing), to make it conform to the new rules; or the removal of something
redundant, such as a lot of rules with (near) identical definitions of
throwing something

Glotmorf: Be careful with that, son. Sometimes the word "entity" as opposed to "player" is intentional, especially if someone anticipates something other than a player
being able to perform a particular action.

Les'n yer jest bein' difficult...

Orc: Actually, I have been going through and trying to determine what the author intended, and how the game is played now. Before, entities weren't really defined well. Also, I am looking at some minor changes that do change what a rule does, but really expands it. For example, the Jedi Gremlin "Yoda" would be pretty limited without the Force powers and stuff, but can't currently have them. I either make the apparent intent of the author clearer, or make adjustments that I believe will make the Game better for everyone. And about being difficult, I don't plan on that until later :).


Wonko: What exactly do you object to about the game's inner workings?

Orc: It's current Statuses of "Sometimes Confusing", "Often Ambiguous", and "Has more bugs than Orc's faceplate".


Wonko: I'm already almost done with it, but it relies on Alignments, which I haven't proposed yet either, and don't intend to until I get back from camp and can start using the Force Ministry program I've been writing (by hand, due to lack of computer access for most of each day) that will keep track of these things for me.

Orc: Cool. I have a few ideas for the Force, but don't plan screwing with it for a while. It would be nice to see what you've got so far, or what you get once it's more presentable.


Naath: who would be *very* gratefull for a summary of the
past month or sos play 'cos I'm *Very* lost.

Like duct tape the force is, a light side and a dark side it has, holds the
universe together it does, hmm.

Orc: I'm guessing you had some hand in the Force. Well, I'll provide a bit of a summary of what I've been up to:

Well, I stumbled across Nomic about a week ago, and after 2 days settled on B Nomic as my first real game. I read the ruleset in one night (80 something pages according to Dave), and discovered once I got done and familiar, and looked into the forum archives, that the Admin was on a Road Trip. Since then, I announced my Intent (not Desire) to join the Game in the near future, with the full name "Orc In A Spacesuit", or Orc for short. I have several ideas for rules to make the game more interesting, but as of yet has no dastardly evil plans. I also started an Uber Proposal, a group of rule additions, modifications, and deletions, which should make the rules simpler, cleaner, clearer, smoother, and shorter, and have less ambiguities and bugs. I made the mistake of presenting an early rought draft to the discuss forum, and the lack of cohesion scared some people (as did its length of 9 pages). I have since added to it and made it a lot better, but it is still not complete.


Wonko: I'm bored. I'll give BNS150 to anyone who can tell me a good, funny joke that I haven't heard before.

A man was praying one day, and he carried on the following conversation:
Man: God, what is a million years to you?
God: Just a second, my son.
Man: God, what is a million dollars to you?
God: Just a penny.
Man: God, can I have a penny?
God: Sure, just a second!

I know that one isn't that great, but is one I heard recently and popped in my head.

Wonko: P.S. What percussion instrument starts and ends with the same letter? First to answer gets 100 BNS! (Plurals don't count. It's not 'steel drums'.)

Orc: There is an instrument that is made of two objects. These two objects together are one instrument. Those objects are two spoons, and the name of the one instrument is Spoons.

There is also the Gong.

There is also the "Thunder Sheet", a big sheet of metal that is shook to make a thundering sound.

I don't think that Snares counts as a single instrument, but I'll include it here for completeness.


Orc In A Spacesuit
Current Status: Not yet in the game, and wondering what Calvinball is.

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