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Re: [spoon-discuss] A lot of replies

* The creation of a few rules, which themselves aren't that long (I don't
think any of them top the length of The Grid, at least in my current

That's good, as The Grid is a bit too long as it is (though I shouldn't be complaining, having made it that way myself)

* The repeal of a few more rules, because they are replaced or included in
one of the created rules.  Sometimes a few rules, such as Screw That! are
combined with others and parts of others into one simple sentence.

Cool. I can take that off my 'To Do' list.

* The revision of a lot of rules, ususally either a wording change ("Change
all instances of the word Entity in Rule XXX/X to Player", or some such
thing), to make it conform to the new rules; or the removal of something
redundant, such as a lot of rules with (near) identical definitions of
throwing something

That's also on my to do list - things such as Gremlins and The Football really ought to be Throwable objects, but I never had time to write up what restrictions they need on them.

The reason that they are combined into an Uber-Proposal is that if only some
of the changes pass, then the ruleset will gain the Status, "Wonky and
Confusing as Hell".

You mean, as opposed to it's current status, which of course is perfectly clear and un-Wonky. Right.

I have a list, mostly in my mind, of actual game changes that will get their
own seperate Proposals.  My Proposal doesn't really change the game, just
it's inner workings.

What exactly do you object to about the game's inner workings?


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