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Re: [spoon-discuss] Reply: Wonko's stock market fix

On 8/7/02 at 9:11 PM Mark Haywood wrote:

>Whoa. That's ugly. Tell me, why was SG1 trying to destroy the ruleset?

Best I could ever guess was that he was fond of extreme logical exercises, or perhaps recreational anarchy.  Some people crack websites and Unix systems, Just Because.  Some people sport extreme fashion statements, Just Because.  Some people, on the other hand, do things like CFJ 227, which SG1/uin/RealPol/etc. submitted in nweek 4, which read as follows:

Rule 1 has the following @@@ delimited text:
The name of this game shall be 'B Nomic.'

The player who, as of the 1st of January 2002, was known as "uniquely identifying names", and the player who was selected to judge the first Call For Judgement submitted by uniquely identifying names in this game, may alter the rules of this game, and any other aspect of the game they choose, by mutually agreeing, in a public forum, to such an alteration.

Additionally, either of the players mentioned above may, at any time, by declaring that they are so doing in a public forum, Zap any proposal, or any Call For Judgement. Zapping a proposal replaces its text with the string "FNORD". Zapping a Call For Judgement replaces its statement with the string "FNORD".

This rule may only be amended or repealed as described in this rule. This rule takes precedence over all other rules, including those which claim to take precedence over it. This rule will be repealed on the 21st of January 2002.

The general idea was that if someone ruled this True, e and uin would become co-rulers of the game.  I am sorry to say that the player who ruled False on this, Congenital Optimist, is no longer playing.


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