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Re: [spoon-discuss] Statement of Intent

> > > I hereby state my intent, not desire, to join this game of Nomic.  I
> > > currently do not wish to do so, as I wish to wait until the business
> >
> >forum
> >
> > > is reopened and I have a chance to perform actions.  I will state my
> >
> >desire
> >
> > > once I have it and am able.  For reference, I will shall be known as
> >
> >"Orc
> >
> > > In A Spacesuit".
> -Hey, I just realized something. You can't join the Game. When you join, we > have to give you BNS 500. We don't HAVE BNS 500. At the moment, we have BNS
> 99. Sorry, you'll have to wait until Wonko puts some cash back into
> circulation...-

Oh, great. This calls for a SOE. (as defined in rule 0/0 subsection n/a,
patent pending, restrictions apply, void where prohibited)

As an added bonus, we can redesignate the Admin and Forum, and continue while
he's on his road trip.

Or not.

-Well, it doesn't yet call for a SOE, as Wonko can free up 500 BNS by converting some of his holdings into points, and in any case, we can't call an SOE without a public forum.-


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