Baron von Skippy on 7 Aug 2002 02:03:04 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Statement of Intent

> I hereby state my intent, not desire, to join this game of Nomic.  I
> currently do not wish to do so, as I wish to wait until the business forum > is reopened and I have a chance to perform actions. I will state my desire > once I have it and am able. For reference, I will shall be known as "Orc
> In A Spacesuit".

-Hey, I just realized something. You can't join the Game. When you join, we have to give you BNS 500. We don't HAVE BNS 500. At the moment, we have BNS 99. Sorry, you'll have to wait until Wonko puts some cash back into circulation...-


-Sorry, my mistake. We have BNS 100. There was one lonely coin left after Wonko took all of it.-


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