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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday afternoon)

>Give all points gained by this proposal passing to Mithrandir.
>Destroy all stocks held by Wonko.
>Transfer all BNS held by Wonko to the bank.

...Or someone else can do the Tyranny of the Majority thang. Any possibility of doing this without a proposal?

Okay, how about this: When we have a business list again, I'll propose something to fix the holes in the Stock Exchange. If my fix passes and none of these "nuke Wonko's assets" proposals does, I'll give 100BNS to everyone who voted for mine and against every 'kill me' proposal, keep 300 BNS and 15 points for myself, and give everything else to the bank.

Then I'll sell all my excess stocks, and give all the profits to the bank, and repeat that until all my stocks are gone.

Would that satisfy people? I get 15 points, instead of the expected 100, 300 BNS, instead of the proposed 500, and all of you get 100 each, to get the economy going?


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